During your school days your parents keep telling you.”Do your home work”, “Study this” “Study that”. When you keep your work pending and only a week is left for your exam, you get so tensed and you think out loud, ” O shit, I got hell lot of things to mug up”.

Well, here is a true story that happened to me a few days ago. πŸ™‚

I had 7 under-wears. At the end of the week I wash all 7 so that I can wear it for the next week. When i say wash it, it means by hand and not by mans greatest achievement – The Washing Machine. At the end of the last week I reached my room at 8 pm and thought to my self,” Its only 8. I have time till 12 am to wash my under-wears. No probs “. I went straight to my laptop and watched a movie called District 9. After the movie got over I was so lazy to wash that I thought I could wash after sometime and I put the alarm for 11 pm and I went back straight to the laptop.

11 pm………

For get it. I’ll wash it tomorrow. Went to bed.

Next morning………

O shit! I don’t have a clean underwear to wear to college (had to be in college by 10.30 am). No probs. I’ll just buy another underwear and wash the rest once I come back to my room. Went to the shop and bought 7 under-wears instead of one. Nice…..

End of the week……

Put all 14 under-wears in a bucket of water……..added washing detergent…….. started washing all 14 under-wears……..took me 4 hours (including 7 socks and 7 baniyans) ……ended the washing with a severe back, arm and leg pain…….. went to bed crucified.

Next morning……..

Something doesn’t seem right with me………my head is heavy……everything is distorted…….whats going on……. went to my cupboard and took out a thermometer…….put it in my mouth…..waited for 1 min and 30 secs………removed it and O SHIT, SHIIIIIIIIT……102……….Damn……..

In the hospital……

The fee is Rs 100. k. No probs. He gave me a prescription. No probs. I fall ill very rare. Went to medical store and bought the medicines for Rs. 280.


If you are a student

Never keep any thing pending. Do it immediately.

If you are a college student staying in a hostel

Shit!!!I wish my mom was here.

If you are a married man

Wear a helmet. You can expect your wife to blow your head with a frying pan for buying so many under-wears for her to wash.


5 thoughts on “The 14 Underwears…..

  1. cant stop laughing LOL!!! and plz update, i plan to read your blog everytime im pissed off with anything and your frist comment!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. Well. It’s considered sexist these days to expect your wife to wash your underwear…
    Try the Scotsman routine next time you run out of clear undies though…

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