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When my dad said ,”Choose yr laptop son”


The day I entered ICAT (Image College of Arts, Animation & Technology), I asked my dad if he could get me a laptop. His answer was always like I’ll see about that or he just nods his head and that means he’s doubtful… I stayed in an apartment in Kalpagam Avenue in MRC Nagar. There were 6 of us.

There was this guy named Hari Haran. A smart guy :-). When I entered my apartment for the first time I saw his computer and I was like – OOOOO Shit…When am I going to get one like that…..Everyday I dreamt  to own one like that…Every month I reminded my parents to get me a laptop.

Why I never got one in the first place?

Its not that my parents didn’t have money or that they can’t afford to buy a laptop. I have two sisters… and whenever my parents wanted to send me the money my sisters would call my parents to send them some  money for giving their college fees or their hostel fees.

I waited for…… How I got a ……….

I waited for 2 years to get a laptop……. This year 09  in the month of May, I got the opportunity to go to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The place I was brought up and studied till grade 12th. I was there for just a week.  Two days left to get back to Chennai and my dad asks me if I wanted to go out with him somewhere.

Well I have 2 days left to be with them so…yeah…why not… Just the two of us…. kept going….. reached Olaya ( a damn rich and luxury place). Stopped in front of computer store……. OK son, go in and choose your laptop….What the ****………Your kiddin’ me right…… Went in and chose the best laptop….. Saw the price and O Shit. No way my dad is gonna get that one……

Walked out of the shop with the very same laptop I chose. It was worth SAR 6,000. In Indian rupees its worth Rs 75,000 to 80,000 with a descent config….

– Intel Core 2 Duo P8600 2.40Ghz
– 400 GB – 4 GB RAM
– 15.4″ TruBrite Dispaly
– NVIDIA® GeForce® 9600M GT with 512 MB dedicated VRAM
– DVD Super Multi Drive
– Vista Home Premium



damn….modelin’ & sculptin’ a dog with wings

SIR: Ok Ryan. What do you want to model?

ME: Well……hmmmmmm……awwwwww……….I don’t know………

SIR: Remember its for your portfolio. So whatever you choose its got to be really good.

ME: I see. Weelllllllllllll………….. How about a dog?

SIR: Why dog?

ME: I like dogs. Cute.

SIR: Just a dog. Its simple. Got to make it such a way that people will admire it. How about a dog with wings? A fantasy character.

ME: Thats good.



Taking reference………..

I started taking references from the net and whats more I had to run behind dogs to get a picture of them. That was the toughest part. They won’t even stay still. Its like when I take a picture, they just get up and look at me as if I’m taking a picture of them without their permission and then walk away.

Well I got it all at last. Pictures of dogs from the net and live references. Now I know every dog thats near my college and even the ones that hang around near my hostel. I’ve stared at dogs for hours just to know their body structure. wheeeeew……….

Modeling …………

Started modeling the dog and it was kind of ok. Took

me a whole week but did it…..


First time working in ZBrush. Learned the tools finally but still got to work on the sculpting part. Took me 1and a half weeks to complete sculpting. Got screwed a lot in between for taking so long to complete it. Sir said he just need 3 days to model, sculpt and texture a model like mine. (Pls note he is years experience than I am)


Feathers???????? for a dog??????? O Shit……….. Now to stare at the birds……O my GOD.

Winged Dog

Winged Dog