SIR: Ok Ryan. What do you want to model?

ME: Well……hmmmmmm……awwwwww……….I don’t know………

SIR: Remember its for your portfolio. So whatever you choose its got to be really good.

ME: I see. Weelllllllllllll………….. How about a dog?

SIR: Why dog?

ME: I like dogs. Cute.

SIR: Just a dog. Its simple. Got to make it such a way that people will admire it. How about a dog with wings? A fantasy character.

ME: Thats good.



Taking reference………..

I started taking references from the net and whats more I had to run behind dogs to get a picture of them. That was the toughest part. They won’t even stay still. Its like when I take a picture, they just get up and look at me as if I’m taking a picture of them without their permission and then walk away.

Well I got it all at last. Pictures of dogs from the net and live references. Now I know every dog thats near my college and even the ones that hang around near my hostel. I’ve stared at dogs for hours just to know their body structure. wheeeeew……….

Modeling …………

Started modeling the dog and it was kind of ok. Took

me a whole week but did it…..


First time working in ZBrush. Learned the tools finally but still got to work on the sculpting part. Took me 1and a half weeks to complete sculpting. Got screwed a lot in between for taking so long to complete it. Sir said he just need 3 days to model, sculpt and texture a model like mine. (Pls note he is years experience than I am)


Feathers???????? for a dog??????? O Shit……….. Now to stare at the birds……O my GOD.

Winged Dog

Winged Dog


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