Good news….

Went to college the day before yesterday and got good news….THE COLLEGE IS CLOSED….they said thats because of the rain. Whatever…. soon after that I went with Sujan to Hari’s place (Besant Nagar). It was raining and I thought to my self what the hell I’ll stay over for the night and leave tomorrow. Me and Sujan left hari’s place the next day by 5:30 pm. We had tea from lovely bakers and we both went our separate ways.

At the bus stop in Besant Nagar….

It took some time for the bus to come…… Can’t blame it……. Maybe because of the rain………  the roads if you notice it’s just like the moon….full of craters….6D came at last…….I thank God for that (6D goes directly to Kannagi Salai)……

Inside 6D….

It was raining heavily and I asked the guy in front me if he could close the window. He did…..God bless him…..Yeah right….as if…. he was showing off. It was boring and I tried to read the names of the shops but the window panes were all tinted and over that the rain hitting the windows…. It was so stuffy inside….God it was so boring…..It was so painful.

The accident….

At last Santhome. Just another stop and I reached Kannagi Salai. It was so quiet inside except for the rain hitting the roof. Suddenly everything went wrong. We all heard a huge sound scrapping the left side of the bus and the whole bus just started to shake. What ever hit the bus broke most of the windows on the left side. The bus just slanted on two wheels and fell back on its four with a huge jerk. All the ladies inside where screaming (I don’t have to explain how a lady scream right). It was scary. The lady sitting next to me fell right on top of me and bloody hell when I saw her before the accident she looked like a woman I could carry with one hand…never judge a person with the way they look…. GOD ALMIGHTY….she weighed a ton…..  People were screaming and shouting that the bus went over a person….it was a complete chaos….  There were glass pieces on the seats. The bus stopped right in the middle of the road and everyone got out to see what hit the bus. A huge branch from a tree fell on the bus. Luckly no one was hurt. Most of the ladies had their hands on the chest and on their mouth and the men were all just staring at each other.

Next step…

I took another bus to Kannagi Salai still shivering from fright or was it the rain. Whatever….It was scary and it was like as if I was in some horror movie…. the sound, the screaming, the bus shaking, the fear on the peoples faces…GOD.

In my room….

I was so happy once I reached my room. I layed down on my bed and still couldnt get that scene out of my head. I was happy to be alive and thanked God for another chance.


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