This incident happened to my cousin brother during my school days. He was elder to me but still at that time I learned to swim in just a day. Back there in Riyadh, My uncle’s son invited me and my sisters to go swimming with them. The swimming pool belongs to my uncle’s company, so we had all the privacy. To go swimming is like a dream come true if you are anywhere in Saudi Arabia, at least for my sisters. I and my sisters went for the first time and we had lots of fun. The whole swimming pool just for us!

I didn’t know how to swim at that time and I badly wanted to learn swimming. So I watched the way how my uncle was swimming and after a lot of tries I could swim. I don’t know how to float on water but I can swim without stopping and I try to swim near the platform in case I get tired.

Two days later my uncle invited my cousins to join us. It was their first time to. We were all exited. I was eager to jump into the pool. As soon as we reached there we put on our swim suits and jumped into the pool. In 30 minutes I was able to perfect myself.

As for my cousins, it’s their first time in a swimming pool. My cousin brother started to practice swimming with us all. I remember him asking me this question when he saw me swimming well,” How did you learn swimming so fast?”

I replied,” I just saw how my uncle was swimming and imitated his moves.”

My uncle’s son can swim to and after some time he said lets all go to the deeper side of the pool and swim to the end. I was ready but my cousin who still hasn’t learned to swim properly was doubtful. But still my friend told him it’s ok and that all he has to do is paddle his legs and hands. I wasn’t so sure about this and warned my cousin that it’s risky. Well I didn’t have to say that twice. He was already standing with my friend at the platform of the deepest part of the pool ready to jump.


And in they jumped both my friend and my cousin brother together. I saw that both were swimming to the other side of the pool and I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and dived into the water and started swimming to the other side. The pool was really long and I couldn’t reach the other side of the pool. But somehow I managed to reach the part of the pool where I could stand. And that’s where the nightmare began.

I opened my eyes expecting to see both my friend and my cousin brother to be somewhere ahead of me. But they weren’t. From behind I heard some kind of choking noise and someone hitting the water hard. I turned around and saw my cousin brother drowning. He was trying to reach the platform but he was too far to reach it. Because of that he caught hold of my friend and both started going down. Both were on the deepest side of the pool but if I stretch out my hand I could reach my friend. But for my cousin brother I could do nothing. I was too horrified. Suddenly my friend managed to push my cousin brother somewhere close to the platform and somebody from there managed to get to him and pulled him out of water. As for my friend, I was standing at the edge and I managed to pull him towards me.

I looked over to over my cousin and saw him sitting on the platform coughing badly. After sometime he stood up still shivering out of fright and walked to the men’s changing room. I was still dazed from what happened. I was glad that he was ok. After a few minutes we all got out of the water silently. Nobody spoke a word.

And that incident was – One down and Eight to go.


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