I don’t remember how old I was but I think I was in the 4rd grade. So I guess I was really young at that time. The story I’m about to tell you is real and the only one who were able to witness this were my two little sisters.

The apartment me and my family were staying was about 25 to 30 years old. It was on the 5th floor. That was our first apartment. There was always something odd about that apartment. Most of the time my dad and mom used to get angry for no reasons at all and me and my little sisters used to fall ill most of the days.

Here is one incident that happened to my mom when I, my dad and my sisters went to meet some relations of ours because my granddad passed away recently.  My mom stayed back for she said she wasn’t feeling well. After the visit my dad drove us back to the apartment and when we climbed up the stairs to out apartment, I saw my mom standing outside the main door and trembling. My dad asked her what happened and she said she had a feeling that dad (granddad) was inside our apartment. My dad’s first words were, “What rubbish”. When he opened the main door I admit I did see the reaction on my dad’s face. He turned white. I didn’t realize this at first but it suddenly occurred to me that I can get some bad smell coming out of my apartment. It was the very same stinky smell of my granddad. My granddad was always smelly. But this smell was not mistakable. It was him and he was in my apartment. My parents were a bit freaked out but within a week we completely let that memory out of our heads.

Now here is the worst part of my nightmare. Few months later I was returning home from school. While I was climbing the stairs I can get the smell of something burning. The smell was so strong that it was hard for me to breathe properly. Each step I took towards my apartment the smell grew stronger and stronger.  As I reached the main door I realized the smell was coming from there.  My dad opened the door for me and I could see him covered with ash.  My two little sisters came running to me and said that the AC blew up in flames.  I was excited and disappointed that I wasn’t there to witness the incident.   My sisters pulled me to the bedroom and that is when I noticed right under the AC there was a huge round black patch. My sisters were pouring out words on how my dad put out the fire. The reason how the fire occurred was because there was a short circuit and the wire blew out in flames. My dad said he will apply paint on the black patch as soon as possible. But he never did it. And that is when I realized that it wasn’t just me and my family staying in that apartment.  We had an uninvited guest staying with us and we never knew that.   I and my parents realized this only after my two little sisters who were sick at that time revealed that there was someone with us.

A Few days after the fire incident, my youngest sister fell ill with high temperature. My dad was at work and I, my mom and my two little sisters were at home. My little sister was on my mother’s lap in the bedroom where the fire broke out. I and my other sister were in the living room watching cartoons. For some reason I wanted to go to the bedroom. I don’t remember what I wanted to take from there but I remember going there and that is when I noticed my mother was scared and she was trying to calm my little sister down.  My sister was so scared.  She was looking at the place where the black patch was and she was crying and shivering violently.  I looked at what she was seeing and I didn’t at first noticed it properly but after staring at the black patch for a few seconds I realized what it was. It was not just a black patch. It was a face. It had eyes and a mouth. The mouth was wide open. It was like it was laughing out loudly. My other sister after hearing my little sister crying out loud she too came into the bedroom and froze. She too had noticed the face. But there was something else I couldn’t see that my two little sisters were seeing. From their point of view the face was moving and laughing like as if it was enjoying the way me and my family were suffering.

When my dad came back from work my mother told him what happened. He was totally freaked out after he stared at the black patch and noticed it was a hideous face. We had a small can of paint and my mother started painting over the face until not even the slightest part of it can be seen. It took some time for me and family to settle over this. My little sisters were affected the most.  They started seeing nightmares.

Within a month we shifted to a new and better place. I noticed a lot of difference in my family. My dad and mom where always laughing and playing with us whenever they had free time. I and my sisters never used to fall sick like the way we used to before.  Everything was going on great for us.

Months later we got news from friends who were our neighbors at our previous apartment where we used to stay before.  They said after we left the whole apartment was repainted. A new family moved in. Our neighbors said that they were a joyful and happy family. But within four months that family was devastated. The husband started to shout every time for no reasons. Their kids started to fall sick every time just like the way it happened to me and my family.  That couple got divorced a few days later and they left the apartment.

After that another family took the apartment. And a month later while they were on a vacation, fire broke out and the whole apartment was burned down. We later got the news that the fire broke out from the same area where the black patch was.

While I entered college and my sisters were in the high school, I remembered this incident and I asked them about this. They grew nervous and said they remembered it well. They both said the hideous face was laughing out loud. They said they could hear a man laughing. I remember I couldn’t hear the face laughing but all I know was there was a face there. I started going through the net to see if anybody else as witnessed such an incident.  Many stories I have read are all different and new. So I thought of putting this incident on the net in case somebody else has faced the same situation.


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