The first mobile I ever had was Nokia 7610. My dad bought it for me when I was in Saudi Arabia. I got it after I finished my grade 12th. I only wished he could have bought it earlier while I was still in school. I could have shown off in front of my friends. But after my 12th results were declared (which wasn’t very nice to talk about) my dad said I was not worthy enough to have an excellent cell phone. With the marks I had he said I was eligible to carry the world’s first mobile ever created by man. So he took it from me and started using it for himself. Damn sad!

O well! Once I entered college, my mom bought me a cell phone. It didn’t have much, but it was worth it. She got me a Nokia 1600, and it was worth Rs. 2K. It was a brilliant phone. It didn’t have a camera or music player or anything funky, but when it comes to calling someone or receiving/sending messages, this cell is so comfortable and strong. I needn’t have to cradle it like a baby. It fell from my hands many times, and it still worked beautifully.

That was four years ago. And now I’m working, and with my salary, I bought a new cell phone. Samsung Galaxy 3. It’s a PC on your palm, and it runs on Android 2.1 (upgradable). I can surf the net, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It has a 3.2 MP camera, and the picture quality is mind blowing, and the music player totally rocks. It took me some time to choose this phone but with a lot of research I found out that is this right cell phone for me and sure enough, it was. But still, it has one drawback. It’s very delicate. If ever it hits the ground just once you can kiss your Galaxy 3 goodbye. I don’t even put it in my pocket. I’m scared if I knock it somewhere or if I sit down the screen might crack. And a guy like me who sacrifices a lot for technology rather than humans, it sure is a scary thing to take care of.

It’s been two weeks since I bought this cell and there is not even a scratch or even my finger print on the screen (I clean it 24×7) Yes, that’s right. Fingerprints! But I have to admit this cell is sure a headache and a blessing. Ever since I bought this mobile phone everybody here in my office had their eyes on it. I just bought it for Rs. 12K and it has everything in it that a cell phone would have for 20K. It helped me a lot when it comes to surfing the net and organizing stuff. The Android market provides brilliant applications.

For those of you who need a cell phone between 10K– 15K, then the Samsung Galaxy 3 is the right cell phone for you.


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