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  1. Lmfao. What a way to shove your anger. Way to go, buddy. 😀

  2. dsomasekharan

    Realy i did not use 160by2 for any advertising, but it is blocked. I wish to reactivate it please help me.

    • So ur a victim too…. Well sorry to say this but yr no. that u used in is totally useless… There is no way they will re-activate yr no. because its a machine that blocked yr no. Once blocked that no. can not be re-activated. will tell you to buy another number and open a new account with that new number… Im sory to hear that you fell into the same problem I fell into…. :’-(

  3. dsomasekharan

    please reactivate my account.

    • First of all im not working in Im a victim just like you… Secondly u can go to their website and ask them to re-activate yr account but thats not going to happen… U can forget the number that u registered in….

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