Here is a story or rather a true story that happened a few days back. My uncle was having a party at his place since it was his daughter’s birthday. By the time I reached his place, there were already a lot of guests. A lot of kids running and screaming around out of joy and excitement, the ladies were at the dining hall pouring out their thoughts all at once, and the men were in the living room with drinks on the table and trying to bring up a topic. As for me, I just sat at the corner and wished lightning struck me and I would have a reason to leave early.

I hate parties. A lot of people shout, drink and go insane; ladies are like blah, blah and blah; we have to hire animal trainers to whip the kids just to keep their mouth shut and the worse thing about parties is the cleaning. Guests don’t care what they do to your stuff. They don’t care about what their children are doing; they worry a lot about their empty glasses and gossips.

There was this particular couple I found interesting. The moment this couple arrived at the party, they were quiet. At times I noticed the lady looked tensed and she would whisper something to her husband. After everyone had finished having their cake, my uncle went over to the couple and asked where their daughter was? They said she went to the hospital to see a friend of hers who met with an accident. But she was supposed to reach a long time back, and her parents were worried. They tried calling her cell, but she wasn’t answering it.

When dinner was about to be served, the door bell rang. One of my uncle’s friends opened the door. I don’t know the reason for the sudden silence in the room and the scream from the lady whose daughter was late, but I moved closer to the door to get a better look and was surprised. Well can’t say surprised, maybe it was shocking. It was the lady’s daughter alright. But she was completely bald. She entered the room smiling while everybody’s mouth was wide open. I later understood she had long hair that reaches all the way down to her waist and a silky one at that too. After an extended 1-minute pause, everyone started laughing. She looked cute but still she looked weird.

Her parents who were shocked at the sudden transformation asked her why she shaved her head bald. She smiled at them and said,

” While I was with my friend at the hospital, I noticed next to my friend’s bed there was another girl on the other side of the room. Out of curiosity, I asked my friend if she knew her story? Her friend replied that she had cancer. She was young, pale, bald and yet behind those weak eyes and pale skin I knew she was so beautiful if it wasn’t for that cancer. I wished from the bottom of heart that I could do something to help her. But I knew the only thing I could do for her is pray. I went over to her bed and started to talk to her. She was happy to talk to me.

After a long talk, she touched my hair and said she had never seen a beautiful hair like mine before. That’s when I asked her if she wanted my hair. She just stared at me. I asked her again, do you want it? I can give you my hair. She said no. But I forced her. I told her that I could grow my hair back again. In the end, she accepted my offer. So I went over to the beauty parlor and told them to cut my hair off completely since I want to make it into a wig. After they had finished cutting my hair, they gave me directions to a place where they make wigs. So I went over to that wig maker and the guy there said it would take a week to make a wig out of my hair. So once their done making it, I’m going to give it to her. ”

After she had narrated her story, everybody in the room was silent. Or should I say embarrassed because they laughed at her? As for me, I was tempted to get married to this kind-hearted lady who went to the extent of cutting her hair which she took care of for years. Her parents were proud of her. Her mom gave her a big tight hug and her dad patted her on the shoulder. In the end, we all knew who got rewarded. The smile she gave to that little girl who has cancer was the biggest reward anyone could get.


3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Story

  1. It is hearteningto know the last. But It is OK. But why such disguise in the name of the article ? Could not make out.

    1. Thanks for reading my post… but I didn’t understand your question.. Disguise in the name of the article??? Are you talking about the topic of this post???

  2. woww….! you serious…” was beautiful !!! loved it RYan Brother…!! 😀 i just realised that i feel bad about hair loss where as the girl in the cancer ward had none !

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