I’m a Game Designer by profession.

Enjoys playing games on PC, consoles and board games.

Watch a lot of English movies and anime in the following genres – horror, thriller, suspense and hates love stories to the core. If you say the movie isn’t that good, I’ll say it was amazing. I make the movies even more interesting in my head. Sadly, I won’t be able to share that experience with you.

I enjoy being at the beaches the most, love the sound of the waves and especially a rainy day. My room is my sanctuary, and I prefer being in less crowded places. Dreams of constructing a house on an island which will take me a million years to achieve (being negative here).

A pure non-vegetarian and loves food (still, ain’t fat for some unknown reasons). Oh! Shut up, already. I enjoy the taste of meat. I’m not an animal lover but yeah, wouldn’t mind having a pet. Dogs preferable.

Won all fights through words alone and has never used my fists till date. People say I’m a good listener, but what’s going through my head while listening to you is surprisingly a mystery.

Enjoys talking about history, facts, military, navy, air force, life experiences and correcting the mistakes of our country (only around friends).

Could speak, read and write just one language – ‘English,’ and still survived in various countries and states around India. And when you ask me something stupid, you’ll see me giving you the ‘LOOK.’ If it comes to that, then it would be wise for you to shut the F up.

It’s none of your business to what I have done for the society, people or country. If I tell you, will you like me even more?

I don’t smoke, yet I tried it once or twice and didn’t get an erection. So, don’t tell me you smoke cause it helps you relax. Balls, it does.

I drink beer but occasionally only during functions and get together with friends or family. I hate the taste, so I usually mix beer with sprite or 7-up. Among family, they call it ‘Shandy.’ Among friends, it’s called a ladies drink. Don’t give a damn. Just love food and drinks that taste.

Can’t say if I’m fun or loving or a crook. That’s for you to decide. For all I know, I still have a hell lot of friends. Enough friends and family to rely on when in need of comfort or help.