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Toy Story (Just a Dirty Thought)

Andy has been with his toys till he was old enough to go to college. He played with them as if they were his only friends. His toys were alive. They had feelings for each other and most of all for Andy. He never knew they were alive all the time. His toys acted like toys when he was next to them, and the toys became active when nobody was present next to them.

So here it is, my dirty thought. Have the toys ever seen Andy masturbate? I mean his toys were there all the time in his room till Andy was old enough to go to college. Like all (maybe most) boys, there is no doubt that Andy used to Masturbate.

Do you think Woody and the other male toys tried to find where their penis was? And if they did tried to find it and found out they didn’t have one, what do you think happened after that? Did they start running and screaming around saying”O my God, I can’t find it, I can’t find it”? Do you think Mr. Potato Head asked his wife Mrs. Potato head,” How do we make babies?”

(Thinking loud to myself)

OMG!!! Seriously! Get a life.

Déjà Vu

I don’t know if this is true or not but have you ever noticed that when you wanted something or thought of something, you get it. Here are few incidents that happened to me.

I was wearing the same spectacles for almost like two years and one day while I was cleaning the lens I thought to myself that it was high time I changed my old specs. Ever since that thought popped into my head, I kept thinking of changing my specs for like twice a day. And then suddenly two weeks after that thought my specs broke and I was forced to buy a new one. Coincidence!

What about the mobile phone I had. That too had a story. I had a Nokia 1600. It was a decent cell phone that even a ten-year-old could master it in like 5 min. I had it for like four years. Then when I got my first job, everybody at the office had a cool cell phone. I thought of owning a new phone ever since, and within a month I bought a Samsung Galaxy 3. I don’t know from where the money came from, but at the end of the month I was walking around and showing off with my new sexy gadget.

It doesn’t have to be stuff that you use in your everyday life. Here in India, you will find a hell lot of crows. They are menacing, cunning, irritating and brave flying creatures that have managed to learn the ways of human thinking. The most annoying thing about them is when they shit on top of your head while you are going under a tree. When you see a tree ahead of you, and you think of a crow crapping on top of your head, it happens. Yes, it’s true. And when you are with your friends, and you’re talking about something so interesting, and you pass under a tree without thinking about the crows, nothing happens.

I cannot say if it’s our mind playing tricks with us or who knows it might also be super intelligence. Our brain can use a maximum of 10 % only. If it crosses that mark, who knows what we humans can do? We could start teleporting and flying around. I exaggerated over there. Or did I???

The Headphone Error

A friend of mine was in his room with the door locked and watching porn on his PC. He had his headphones on his head. The sound was low, so he increased the volume to get a better feel to it. Before switching to the porn video, he opened the Wikipedia page and kept that minimized. That’s in case someone asked what he was doing inside his room with the door locked.

Suddenly, his mom started banging the door. He immediately switched off the porn, removed the headphones and maximized Wikipedia website.

When he opened the door, his mom started smacking his face hard and asked him how he could watch such filthy things. He lied by saying he didn’t watch anything filthy but instead he was reading an article on Wikipedia. But his mom wouldn’t believe him. After all the beatings and scolding he confessed that he was watching porn. His mom told him to remove all the wires from the PC and that he would never be able to switch on his PC ever again.

He slowly started to remove all the wires from his CPU, and when he was about to unplug the headphones from the CPU, he realized that the headphone pin wasn’t plugged into the headphones jack, but instead it was connected to the mic jack. So that explains why the sound was too low.

The moaning wasn’t from the headphones but instead from the speakers. That’s how his mom found out.


Seen him before? LOL

This pic was taken by my friend Gauthum. Do u recognize him?

All those who have studied with me at ICAT will recognize him. Those of you who haven’t the faintest idea, then please don’t crack your head. He’s nobody.

No blow job for dying boy