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The Headphone Error

A friend of mine was in his room with the door locked and watching porn on his PC. He had his headphones on his head. The sound was low, so he increased the volume to get a better feel to it. Before switching to the porn video, he opened the Wikipedia page and kept that minimized. That’s in case someone asked what he was doing inside his room with the door locked.

Suddenly, his mom started banging the door. He immediately switched off the porn, removed the headphones and maximized Wikipedia website.

When he opened the door, his mom started smacking his face hard and asked him how he could watch such filthy things. He lied by saying he didn’t watch anything filthy but instead he was reading an article on Wikipedia. But his mom wouldn’t believe him. After all the beatings and scolding he confessed that he was watching porn. His mom told him to remove all the wires from the PC and that he would never be able to switch on his PC ever again.

He slowly started to remove all the wires from his CPU, and when he was about to unplug the headphones from the CPU, he realized that the headphone pin wasn’t plugged into the headphones jack, but instead it was connected to the mic jack. So that explains why the sound was too low.

The moaning wasn’t from the headphones but instead from the speakers. That’s how his mom found out.



To all those who read my Previous story – Demonic face on the wall, I would like to say that my story doesn’t end there.

That demon followed us to our new apartment.

The apartment we moved into was beautiful and spacious. My family and I were happy to get away from our old apartment. My dad always came home from work with a big smile on his face and almost every day he came home with a big bar of chocolate. My mom got an interview call from the school where my sisters and I were studying in, and within a week she got a job as an English Teacher. Now with my mom also earning, it has become easier for my dad. Before when my dad was the only bread earner in the family, it was kind of tough for him to feed all of us. I mean it’s not that we were poor but at that time my dad could afford to take us to a restaurant only once in a month, and at times when my sisters or I fall sick then it was tough for my dad to use the money for any entertainment purposes.

Sorry, I never mentioned this before, but I am a Christian (Roman Catholic). The reason why I never mentioned this to you was that at that time my family and I never used to pray much. We believed in God, but we used to pray rarely. But this time we needed him by our side at all times.

My new apartment had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge kitchen and dining room and a huge living room. My parents had the master bedroom for themselves, and my sisters and I used the other bedroom. There were three beds for each of us. All the three beds were attached, and on one side of the room, we had an altar with the picture of Jesus and the Virgin Mary and a small lamp with a small cross inside emitting an orange light. It gives out a little light but enough to distinguish the big cupboards from the small drawers. Even with the altar in our apartment, me and my family still prayed rarely. Right at the foot of our beds, there is a small portable clothes holder. I don’t know what you call it, but it’s something that everyone uses to dry their clothes if they don’t have a place to hang wet clothes outside. People use this mostly in apartments.

Everything seems to go well, but one day my dad came home angry. He didn’t want to talk to anybody, and he didn’t have his dinner, he just went directly to bed. The next day my mom asked the reason for him to be so angry. And my dad said he doesn’t know why. My mom was the first to realize that whatever has happened to us at the old apartment was going on again. My sisters and I started to fall sick again. My dad lost his job, and that made it worst. Things began to go upside down again. My mom was the one who became more depressed. She was the only one in the whole family who doesn’t seem to be affected by sickness or any other horrible feelings. But she understood that something was not right. And that’s where again my sisters and I found out the reason.

It was bed time. My parents went to bed. My sisters as usual and I were talking stories. The light was off, and only the small lamp with the cross inside was lit. At about 1 am we were still wide awake. That night was so different from other nights. This is the first time my sisters and I couldn’t sleep. And for no reason we became scared. I don’t know why. At about 1:15 am the small lamp with the cross inside suddenly went off. I have no words to say how my sisters and I felt that night.

The whole room was entirely black. In about 5 min we were able to adjust our eyes in the dark. And that is when we saw it. We froze. I want to scream. I can’t turn my head sideways; I can’t even move my body. I’m sure my sisters felt the same way. Something was jumping from the foot of our bed over the clothes holder and on to the other side. It was black. Even in the dark room and with a little light coming out of the window, we could still see that black thing. It looked more like a furry animal. It was just jumping from the foot of our bed and over the clothes holder and back again. If we see a person jump up and down with his hands high up in the air, you can tell the man is happy. That was the same way we could feel that thing was jumping out of joy. For about 5 min we could see this creature jumping. And this suddenly it just vanished. We didn’t move at all from our beds. I wanted to run to my parent’s bedroom. For once in all my life I felt that being with them is the safest place I could be. But I couldn’t get up. My sisters and I fell asleep at last out of fear.

Next morning my mother came to our room to wake us up and saw all 3 of us are hugging each other in our sleep and we were completely covered with the blanket. My youngest sister was sweating so much that even with the a/c on. She was running a high temperature. My mother woke us up and saw that we were so pale and our eyes were so red. My sisters started to cry. We told her everything what happened during the night. My mother called my dad. He was freaked out after he heard what we said to him. My mom kept mumbling to herself. She kept saying,”It has followed us here. It has followed us here”.

My dad didn’t go to office that day. My mother, my sisters and I didn’t go to school. We were so scared to do anything. The room was so silent. My mother suddenly stood up and told us that there is one solution. PRAY. My mother took us all in front of the altar and that is when my parents noticed the lamp with the cross in it was not on. My dad tried to fix it but it wouldn’t work. We started to pray the rosary.

That night my sisters and I slept in my parents’ bedroom. For a week we prayed without fail. We began to pray every morning when we woke up, before having lunch, at 5 pm and night before going to bed we say the rosary. Suddenly a week later after the incident the lamp with the cross inside suddenly lit up. And my mother suddenly jumped up with joy and said we are all safe now. And yes we were. After that, everything came back to normal. My dad was happy with the way he was at first. We never felt sick again. We continued to pray always. It has been the same way, a happy family for the past 15 years now.

At times I used to think if all these problems we faced were because of that old apartment. I don’t know. But maybe if we would have prayed, our problems would have been solved when we were in our old apartment. I couldn’t say. All I know is that my family is saved because we allowed God to be close to us. We never saw anything horrible again for the past 15 years. And I’m glad about the way things are now. We’re so happy.

Son did u open a porn site??????

At home in Riyadh….

The only one who uses the computer everyday is me, my mom and my dad. When my dad comes home from work he goes straight to the computer to check if he has got a mail from his manager. My mom uses the comp when she has to type a question paper for the students in her class. As for me I use the system for surfing the net, playing games, hearing music and watching movies. Nothing else… hey I’m telling you the truth… OK fine…. I tried to open some porn sites before but in Saudi Arabia all the porn sites are blocked. So I never got the chance to see how a porn would look like till grade 10th.

The first time I saw 1……….

I saw the first porn movie in school when I was in grade 10th during camp day. I remember when I opened the class room door I saw all my friends around a table with a laptop on it. Their eyes where all out of their sockets and they were all drooling. Hmmmmm…… What could they be watching? I went over and tried to peep over their heads to get a glimpse and then …….. Hehe…… got high fever that night  🙂

One day……..

My dad as usual came from work and went straight to the comp., my mom was in the kitchen and me and my sisters were watching a movie on HBO. My dad suddenly called me and my mom to the bed room where the computer is and closed the door. He looked at me and said,” Son, You and I know very well who uses the computer the most. Could you please explain this to me”.

The monitor was off. My dad switched it on and …….. O shit……. WTF…….. No way…….. can’t be……..

A porn site was opened. My mom just started barking at my dad telling him why did he had to show it in front of her while I was there.  While my dad and mom was arguing I tried to memorize the site name but couldn’t. My dad closed the page…… snif…..

The problem is when my dad opens the internet explorer, this porn site is the home page. My dad called a computer mechanic to change the home page. I would’ve changed it. Well, I guess my dad didn’t trust me then. He even started asking all his colleagues at office if these porn sites get open if a new dvd writer is installed ( I bought a dvd writer before this incident). And the best part is my dad’s colleagues said,”Yes, absolutely”. Damn those idiots. Could have stuffed a camel in their mouth if I was present when they were telling that to my dad.

Advice from the best lecturers

My dad gave me a good advice to the mistake I didn’t make. Great! Two years later I finished my grade 12th and got a seat in a digital media college in Chennai, India. I was at the airport with my family. Just another 20 mins for the me to get the boarding pass and rendezvous. My dad and mom called me aside and gave me a 10 min advice.

Dad: Son, You are now entering a new life and the freedom you are going to get is much more than here (Saudi Arabia). Your friends will force you to drink alcohol stuffs (beer, brandy, whisky, whatever), go ahead and take a sip but please don’t make it a habit.

Mom: No, don’t even take a sip.

Dad: Be very carefull when u get a girlfriend. Study the girl’s character before she tells you her name.

Mom: Don’t get a girlfriend. We will find the right one for you.

Dad: All the sites are open in India. Don’t take that as an advantage. Use the internet for your study purposes. Maybe your friends will show you a porn site, k, watch, as a man i know you will be tempted to see one but don’t make that a habit.

Mom: NEVER….. If your friends show you that filthy stuff just walk out of the room and forget those friends of yours.

Got my boarding pass, entered the plane and goodbye Saudi Arabia.

At Chennai, India

The first time I drank beer and got drunk was with my dad’s brother-in-law.

My room mates were watching porn and yeah ………. 🙂

Don’t have a girlfriend yet but the time will come when I will be with the right girl.

The 14 Underwears…..

During your school days your parents keep telling you.”Do your home work”, “Study this” “Study that”. When you keep your work pending and only a week is left for your exam, you get so tensed and you think out loud, ” O shit, I got hell lot of things to mug up”.

Well, here is a true story that happened to me a few days ago. 🙂

I had 7 under-wears. At the end of the week I wash all 7 so that I can wear it for the next week. When i say wash it, it means by hand and not by mans greatest achievement – The Washing Machine. At the end of the last week I reached my room at 8 pm and thought to my self,” Its only 8. I have time till 12 am to wash my under-wears. No probs “. I went straight to my laptop and watched a movie called District 9. After the movie got over I was so lazy to wash that I thought I could wash after sometime and I put the alarm for 11 pm and I went back straight to the laptop.

11 pm………

For get it. I’ll wash it tomorrow. Went to bed.

Next morning………

O shit! I don’t have a clean underwear to wear to college (had to be in college by 10.30 am). No probs. I’ll just buy another underwear and wash the rest once I come back to my room. Went to the shop and bought 7 under-wears instead of one. Nice…..

End of the week……

Put all 14 under-wears in a bucket of water……..added washing detergent…….. started washing all 14 under-wears……..took me 4 hours (including 7 socks and 7 baniyans) ……ended the washing with a severe back, arm and leg pain…….. went to bed crucified.

Next morning……..

Something doesn’t seem right with me………my head is heavy……everything is distorted…….whats going on……. went to my cupboard and took out a thermometer…….put it in my mouth…..waited for 1 min and 30 secs………removed it and O SHIT, SHIIIIIIIIT……102……….Damn……..

In the hospital……

The fee is Rs 100. k. No probs. He gave me a prescription. No probs. I fall ill very rare. Went to medical store and bought the medicines for Rs. 280.


If you are a student

Never keep any thing pending. Do it immediately.

If you are a college student staying in a hostel

Shit!!!I wish my mom was here.

If you are a married man

Wear a helmet. You can expect your wife to blow your head with a frying pan for buying so many under-wears for her to wash.