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Researchers Record Scream of the Damned

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[Please Note: There has been much debate whether this is real or not. I am not saying it is real or not, but we feel it is important enough to post it and let you the reader decide.]

These details are from the translation of an article in a Finnish newspaper named ‘Ammennusatia.’

A geological group who drilled a hole about 14.4 kilometers deep in the crust of the earth are saying that they heard human screams. Screams were heard from the condemned souls from earth’s deepest hole. Terrified scientists are afraid they have let loose the evil powers of hell up to the earth’s surface.

‘The information we are gathering is so surprising, that we are sincerely afraid of what we might find down there,’ stated Dr. Azzacov, the manager of the project in remote Siberia.

‘The second surprise was the high temperature they discovered in the earth’s center. ‘The calculations indicate the given temperature was about 1,100 degrees Celsius, or over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit,’ Azzacov pointed out. ‘This is far more than we expected. It seems almost like an inferno of fire is brutally going on in the center of the earth.

‘The last discovery was nevertheless the most shocking to our ears, so much so that the scientists are afraid to continue the project. We tried to listen to the earth’s movements at certain intervals with supersensitive microphones, which were let down through the hole. What we heard turned those logically thinking scientists into trembling ruins. It was a sometimes a weak, but high pitched sound which we thought to be coming from our equipment,’ explained Dr. Azzacov.

‘But after some adjustments, we comprehended that indeed the sound came from the earth’s interior. We could hardly believe our ears. We heard a human voice, screaming in pain. Even though one voice was discernible, we could hear thousands, perhaps millions, in the background, of suffering souls screaming. After this gruesome discovery, about half of the scientists quit because of fear. Hopefully, that which is down there will stay there,’ Dr. Azzacov added.

“What unnerved the Soviets, apart from the voice recordings, was the appearance that same night of a fountainhead of luminous gas shooting up from the drill site. And out of the midst of this incandescent cloud pillar a brilliant being with bat wings revealed itself with the words (in Russian): ‘I have conquered,’ emblazoned against the dark Siberian sky.”

‘The incident was unreal; the Soviets cried out in terror,’ says Mr. Nummedal. Later that night, he saw ambulance crews circulating in the community. A driver he knew told him that they had been told to sedate everybody with a medication known to erase short term memory. The Soviets use this drug in the treatment of shock victims.

“As a communist, I don’t believe in heaven or the Bible, but as a scientist, I now believe in hell,” said Dr. Azzacove. “Needless to say we were shocked to make such a discovery. But we know what we saw, and what we heard. And we are convinced that we drilled through the gates of Hell!”

Dr. Azzacove continued, “..the drill suddenly began to rotate wildly, indicating that we had reached a large empty pocket or cavern. Temperature sensors showed a dramatic increase in heat to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.”

“We lowered a microphone, designed to detect the sounds of plate movements down the shaft. But instead of plate movements we heard a human voice screaming in pain! At first, we thought the sound was coming from our equipment.”

“But when we made adjustments our worst suspicions were confirmed. The screams weren’t those of a single human; they were the screams of millions of humans!

Do you know why Jacques Costeau, the famous underwater explorer, quit deep sea diving sometime before he died? It’s said that he stopped because he had heard in one of the underwater caves he was exploring, the sounds of people screaming.

There was also another time, when one of his men, who was in a diving bell in the deepest trench at the Bermuda Triangle, also had a similar experience. He signaled to be brought up immediately. After being revived from his shock, he told others of his frightening experience of hearing “Screams of people in pain.”

The 14 Underwears…..

During your school days your parents keep telling you.”Do your home work”, “Study this” “Study that”. When you keep your work pending and only a week is left for your exam, you get so tensed and you think out loud, ” O shit, I got hell lot of things to mug up”.

Well, here is a true story that happened to me a few days ago. 🙂

I had 7 under-wears. At the end of the week I wash all 7 so that I can wear it for the next week. When i say wash it, it means by hand and not by mans greatest achievement – The Washing Machine. At the end of the last week I reached my room at 8 pm and thought to my self,” Its only 8. I have time till 12 am to wash my under-wears. No probs “. I went straight to my laptop and watched a movie called District 9. After the movie got over I was so lazy to wash that I thought I could wash after sometime and I put the alarm for 11 pm and I went back straight to the laptop.

11 pm………

For get it. I’ll wash it tomorrow. Went to bed.

Next morning………

O shit! I don’t have a clean underwear to wear to college (had to be in college by 10.30 am). No probs. I’ll just buy another underwear and wash the rest once I come back to my room. Went to the shop and bought 7 under-wears instead of one. Nice…..

End of the week……

Put all 14 under-wears in a bucket of water……..added washing detergent…….. started washing all 14 under-wears……..took me 4 hours (including 7 socks and 7 baniyans) ……ended the washing with a severe back, arm and leg pain…….. went to bed crucified.

Next morning……..

Something doesn’t seem right with me………my head is heavy……everything is distorted…….whats going on……. went to my cupboard and took out a thermometer…….put it in my mouth…..waited for 1 min and 30 secs………removed it and O SHIT, SHIIIIIIIIT……102……….Damn……..

In the hospital……

The fee is Rs 100. k. No probs. He gave me a prescription. No probs. I fall ill very rare. Went to medical store and bought the medicines for Rs. 280.


If you are a student

Never keep any thing pending. Do it immediately.

If you are a college student staying in a hostel

Shit!!!I wish my mom was here.

If you are a married man

Wear a helmet. You can expect your wife to blow your head with a frying pan for buying so many under-wears for her to wash.